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okema stands out for its prompt delivery, expertise and commitment in the following areas of activity, the main aims of which are growth and Customer satisfaction:

  • Research and Development of custom coatings catering to specific technical and aesthetic requirements.
  • Certifications covering a range of aspects: resistance to high temperatures, self-extinguishing properties, food grade approval, suitability for use in the health sector, atmospheric emission of fumes or vapours, electrical conductivity or electrical insulation, aging through continuous exposure to the elements and solar radiation, corrosion resistance through exposure to salt-laden atmosphere, calorific value, chemical resistance to contact with em bases or acids, heat and sound insulation, and reflection.
  • Development and supply of custom coating samples.
  • Coating of any kind of metal, plastic or glass with coatings produced by Sokema, carried out in the system operated by the very technicians who produce and test the coatings, providing a guarantee of performance and quality.
  • Technical assistance and advice, with the option of on-site inspections, to address individual issues, such as building services and plant engineering, safety, quality control, new coating projects, reduction of atmospheric emissions, reconditioning and relining of fuel tanks and drinking water tanks, specializing, above all, in ship refurbishment.


The Sokema Laboratory's R&D Department is hard at work every day, turning out new products at a prolific rate.

The engineering of custom coatings tailored to user demands not only has to meet specific performance requirements, but must also take into account the never-ending stream of new and different materials.

Another issue to be borne in mind is the fact that many coating job specifications are being reviewed, having become obsolete.

The experience gained by our technicians over years devoted to this tireless scientific lab work puts Sokema at the cutting edge of developments in the Design, Research and Production of Highly Advanced Technology Custom Coating Systems.


For some years now, our User Assistance – which was set up for the Certification of certain coating properties – has been recognized as a particularly important service.

Certifications are not always governed by universally applicable regulations.

Coating technicians, boasting years of experience in Certification regulations and methods, are on hand to help Users identify international regulations that may be applicable.

Alternatively, we can carry out Performance Certification based on Tests and Inspections arranged with the User.


Providing Samples would have to be the service most in demand from our Customers and also the service we find ourselves providing most often.

This is not always a Free Service, precisely because of the huge amount of work that it entails.

The Service Manager assesses jobs on a case-by-case basis, coming up with a possible solution that is then presented to the Customer.

You will appreciate that the high costs involved and great effort that mean this Service is not easy to provide are also the reason that it's hard to find such a service on the market.

With this Service, Sokema truly delivers and we're proud to boast that we've always received the fullest cooperation, utmost understanding and most positive feedback from Customers.


Sokema is one of only a handful of global coating manufacturers to have a number of Baked Coating Systems at its disposal, operated by the very technicians who produce and test the Coatings.

This revolution is what allows us to offer the greatest assurances in terms of coating quality and performance as well as offer peace of mind when it comes to actual coating jobs – often including highly sophisticated projects – on items made from glass, plastic or any kind of metal.

This Service has rewarded us over the years with huge growth results and a wealth of new products.

This particular Service has proved valuable in the Development of Prototypes, some of which were developed for High-Level Global Industries.

Customers have also benefited from valuable aid in the shape of Samples produced for Exhibition purposes at Trade Shows of various kinds.

We have achieved impressive results in the Coating of items from Big-Name Designers, using Exclusively Produced Coatings, which are hard to find on the market.


This Service is, by its very nature, both wide-ranging and complex, just as the work required is wide-ranging and complex.

On-site inspections are often needed to gather all the elements required to achieve a good result.

Understandably, then, we have to examine each case individually to determine whether the Service can be provided free of charge or not.

Here are just a few examples of where the service can prove useful:

  • In the construction industry for coated or resin flooring.
  • In the ship building industry for New Builds or Refurbishments.
  • In the Car and Motorcycle industry.
  • In the agri-food and health sectors.
  • In petrochemical plants.
  • In major European steelworks.
  • On race tracks.
  • In military installations.


Resins as a synonym of possibilities, imagination and uniqueness. Their use is not limited to floors, but allows you to explore incredible applications and lends itself to designers, architects and imaginative design to create objects or everyday objects based on the chemistry of the resins.

Transparent or colored, metallic and pearlescent, high and low thickness. Thin films or big masses. Used alone or to drown objects, wood, paper, metal, plastic, stone, ceramic and any other object or material that you want.

The applications are many, so only deepening with the technicians will be able to understand the possibilities.