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he Sokema Research and Development team has been working for over twenty years with renowned universities and scientific research centres to foster continuous industrial evolution applied to new coating technologies.

Below are a number of cases that have successfully taken research to the next level, namely the large-scale production of new technologies, geared towards the reduction of pollution in all its forms.

Bacteriostatic coating

Project carried out in collaboration with a leading Russian company.

Using methods and products derived from nanotechnologies, we came up with a coating that has been certified by the University of Ferrara, Italy.

This coating is suitable for metal and plastic.

Electromagnetic shielding

Based on a project submitted to the University of Modena, Italy, we have developed a coating designed to provide TV decoders with electromagnetic shielding.

The coating passed all the tests carried out by the University's laboratory, producing electromagnetic resistance values within regulatory limits.

Remote volcanological inspection probe project

The project is led by the Catania division of Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

Sokema worked with the Institute to develop a coating that would meet the following requirements:

  • Main requirement: electrical insulation
  • Necessary requirement: heat resistance to over 800°C

Reduction in cavitation damage to marine propellers

In the wake of achievements in the field of speedboat racing, we are currently working with the Department of Marine Engineering at the University of Genoa, Italy, on a project to develop a clear or coloured coating for racing boat propellers designed to reduce the considerable damage that these propellers suffer as a result of the effects of cavitation.

Decontamination project in public building air ducting

Project by a leading company from Padua, sponsored by the European Community.

Sokema developed a 100% water-based non-toxic and non-flammable coating system.

This coating, applied to the inside of the ducting with special spraying systems, has passed all polymerization and adhesion tests, absorbing all the dirt, impurities and contaminants on the walls.

The polymerized coating film turned out smooth and inert to meet sanitary standards.

Friction reduction in speedboat racing hulls

Working with engineers from the former world champion speedboat racing team, we developed a coating that has resulted in a reasonable reduction in hull friction.

This highly satisfactory result, tested in the field, was responsible for knocking an average 0.3 seconds off the lap time.